Saturday, December 29, 2012

Things my parents say

My parents have the habit of saying the most amusing and annoying things and since I'm their only one, I get to be the target 99% of the time. I have often wondered about how awesome it must feel if these same things were said to a sibling, and I'd be watching it happen gleefully to someone else for a change. There are some disadvantages of being an only child I guess.

Here are some of the things I've heard from them ever since I remember:

'Beta aur andhera kar ke parho taakey aankhein jaldi se patt ho jayein'
(Child, read in even more darkness so your eyes stop working quickly) - when I'm reading late at night

-         Aur andar ghuss jao tv ke
(sit even closer to the tv screen) – when I’m watching tv with interest

-          Kissi soorat sunn mat lena keh mainey kya kaha hai
(don’t listen to me any time soon) – when I’m busy with some other thing

-          Light nahi aaney ki aaj toh
(Electricity won’t be coming back today) – every 5 minutes during loadshedding somehow they look at me accusingly when saying this 

-          Yeh kaam tum aaj ki taarikh mein karlena ACHA!
(just do this chore within today’s date, OK) – when I’m busy doing something else

-          Bachpan se kaan band hain, ooncha sunti hai
(since childhood her ears are closed, she's hard of hearing) –when my parents murmur about me in the living room 

-          Khaaney ko muu terha hai
(turns up her nose at food) –when I’m expected to be excited about eating spinach and turnips at lunch

-          Tum ne suna main ne kya kaha? Kya kaha abhi main ne?
(did you hear what I said? What did I just say?) – when I’m on the phone and they want my attention

-          Kha mat lena kisi tarhan
(don’t eat it for heaven’s sake) – when I’m still running around getting the table set for dinner

-          Uth jao naisti
(get up lazy) – when they’re up since 7 and I’m still in bed at 9 on Sundays

-          Muun daal lo poora phir nazar ayega
(put your face in it then you’ll see it) – when I’m cooking with concentration

-          Yeh mortadella pichley 2 saal se freezer mein para hai, phenk dein?
(this mortadella has been in the freezer since 2 years now, should I throw it?) – when they discover the 10th packet of mortadella and mistake it for the 1st and only pack that I’m apparently not eating

-          Aur kam kardo khana beta, hum drip lagwa deinge
(eat even less child, we’ll get you on IV drips) – when I try to cut down on carbs

-          Laptop godh liya hua hai
(she’s adopted a laptop) – when somebody asks about what I’m doing nowadays

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