Saturday, December 31, 2011

Lessons Learnt- from 2011

Dear Readers,
I believe it's a good idea to do yearly lessons learnt series. Every moment that passes, although we may not realize it, teaches us something. The lesson may be so subtle, that in most cases, we never know what changed us. Here are some lessons I learnt in 2011:

(For last year's lessons, click here) <- trust me, they're awesome

-  Sometimes, all you have got is Hope.

- Others can speak from their experiences. It is up to you to see how closely their circumstances match with yours, before you accept what they say.

- Most people have ulterior motives. Sad, but true. 

- Priorities change. 

- Being an Honest person can lead people into believing you are an absolute simpleton. Keep fooling them.

- It’s Ok to be scared of consequences.

- Pets are important. Very important. Get a cat.

- Do not detach from Nature. There is a mysterious power that Nature possesses; it can heal the deepest of wounds. Include Nature every day in your life, even if it is simply looking up to observe the sky for a couple of minutes.

- When things give you too much emotional strain: either 1) do some baking, or 2) think about the big picture (the Universe, the grand scheme of things... and how your little heartache has negligible impact on anything out there).

- There is a time for everything, it happens on schedule. If you try to rush it, or avoid it- you lose.

- Things that you think are unnecessary, or too unimportant, may actually be useful for you. No harm in trying.

- Don’t ignore your creativity. If it has been silent too long, you will have trouble accessing it again.

- Avoid people who make you feel/think/believe in the negative. Actively avoid.

- Recognize quickly which people in your life will make you happier... they are often those you may be inclined to keep at a distance. Why? Think about it.

- Learn to let things lie. Anger does not help. Some things sort themselves out automatically.

- Do something you'd never do normally, just for the heck of it.

- Don’t stop yourself from expressing your positive emotions. Reserve self-censorship only for the negative.

-  A broken heart is a humble, sweet companion. An intact heart has not known magic.

- Inspiration is terribly unpredictable.

- What looks perfect, is not perfect.

-  Share a poem... if a person chooses the exact line that hit you most, you’ve found a good friend. If a person chooses a completely different one, you’ve found a good friend anyway. If a person has nothing to say, well... not your type.

- Forgive more. More than you are naturally willing to.

- Believe in second chances. They do come sometimes.

- ‘Be yourself’ is too limited. Be a hundred different versions of yourself. They make you whole.

- Abandoning an unreadable book is ok. Not your fault. It’s the book’s fault.

- And finally, do not close the door on Love... it has a million ways to come and go. It must always be a welcome guest. And someday, it may decide to stay. 

Happy New Year!!!