Wednesday, September 21, 2011

rah-e- talab mein kaun kisi ka?
apne bhi begaaney hain,
chand se mukhrey, rashk-e-ghizalan,
sab jaane pehchaaney hain.
tanhai si tanhai hai, kaise kahein, kaisey samjhayein,
chashm-o-lab-o-rukhsar ki teh mein,
roohon ke veeraney hain,
uff, yeh talashey husn-o-haqeeqat,
kis jah theherein, jayein kahan?
sehan-e-chaman mein phool khilein hain,
sehra mein deewaney hain...
hum ko sahaarey kya raas ayein,
apna sahara hain hum aap,
khud hi sehra, khud hi deewaney,
sham-e-nafas, parwaney hain,
bil-aakhir thak haar ke yaaro, hum ne bhi tasleem kiya,
apni zaat se ishq hai sacha, baaqi sab afsaaney hain...
- Ibn-Safi

English translation:
(on the path of desire,
even the dearest become distant,
and pretty faces, admirers of beauty,
all remain familiar.
who to tell, to speak of,- this loneliness?
beneath the layers of all eyes, all cheeks,
lie shadows of haunting souls.
oh! this desire for truth and beauty...
where do we go and where do we stop?
flowers blossom in gardens and terraces-
yet in deserts they wander madly, in vain...
for me, no support has worked,
except myself,
myself- the desert, myself- the crazy wanderer,
myself- the lamp, myself- the moth,
alas! my friends, I admit,
With oneself only, love is true-
the rest are but tales and fables...)

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