Sunday, August 5, 2012

Water-powered fantasy

So this guy's "invented" a car that runs on water. It's all over the news. It's all over the blog posts. It's got Hammered Pir polishing his moustache on air. And it's proving once again what a polarized and insane people live in this land of the pure.

This guy, who is not even a proper engineer but is a GENEEYUS like the classic drop-out Billy Gates, claims that his "water kit" uses the process of electrolysis to provide Hydrogen fuel for the car. Never mind the amount of energy required for the process of electrolysis. Because obviously the science textbooks have been lying all this time!

He also claims that all "theories" comes after the practical. Always. There is no merit in the scientific method, according to this National Hero, as he smiles into his How-to papers downloaded from the net (incidently from a website called Troll Physics).

Next, he claims his "theory" has disproved the Second Law of Thermodynamics. A law that states: energy can neither be created nor be destroyed, in other words "input is equal to output". What absolute rubbish that is, because here's how two normal magnets can run a car easily! (refer to picture below, which is an actual snapshot from the PhD thesis of Sir Trolloloby of University of Nonsensical Technologies). 

"If Sir Trolloloby can do it, so can I" says the guy intelligently, waggling his moustache on tv.  

Specially for this "inventor" the water molecule releases a hidden energy, that the otherwise shy H2O is unable to provide to other scientists worldwide. H20 could not be reached for comment, but it is assumed that there is a secret collaboration  between the two that the Inventor keeps nodding about. 

A couple of stupid, obviously jealous scientific people objected to these claims, insanely basing their ideas on the normal (but now obsolete) science. But just as passionately, our sane gentry armed with the truth, replied to quell such scientific idiots. Here are some illuminating and intelligent comments to shut those scientists up:

(click on picture to read properly)

here is another gem from another sane citizen who would like to put all these scientists in jail for their inherent dishonesty in belittling an engineer:
(click on picture to read properly)

please ignore the latter comment by Saein, he's an american-paid indian agent.
Here's another paid agent who is trying to malign the national hero, with his idiotic comment:

(click on picture to read properly)

Fear not, sane citizens!!! Such scientific idiots are finally crawling into their pits and crying bitterly over their "research". Also, I'd like to say that we should definitely appreciate such awesome GENEEYUS like this inventor, let's hope he becomes another drop-out like Stevy Jobs and Billy Gates in future. Big shout out to the SHAKSPEARE illiterate people out there!!! 

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