Friday, February 11, 2011

One day...

I’m so tired of life right now...I wish there was some happiness- any random kind. And my mind won’t shut up. I feel as if I’ve lost who I was. So I thought, why not think happy thoughts and type all I want to do in life here, maybe I’d sleep better:
-One day I will see the Northern Lights. And my life would be complete, I’d die with satisfaction.
-One day I’ll have enough money to buy myself a telescope, and then I could spend hours watching the night sky, all those beautiful stars out there, and imagine what it is like outside this Earth.
-One day, I’ll have enough money to buy a red Mini cooper. It’s simply too cute not to have.
-One day, I’ll write a book that would make people happy and sad and lonely and warm and appreciative of what they’ve got in their lives. It would make them rethink themselves at the end.
-One day, I’ll understand all the troubles and questions out there that I don’t understand, like where we come from and where we’re all going. It’d make sense.
-One day, I’ll visit New Zealand and Turkey. I’ll go to the islands where they shot Lord of the rings, I’ll experience the southern hemisphere weather switch, I’ll look at that impossible beauty that breaks my heart sometimes, and I’ll sigh and let it all sink in. I’ll go to Turkey and see the Hagia Sophia, and the little markets, and the pretty mosques, and see the bridge between east and west. I’ll sit and have qahva somewhere nice, and watch the Mediterranean waves swishing about casually. It would be sunny and warm, with many tourists around, yet I’ll still feel a connection with the locals. I'll visit their University where they teach Urdu, and I’d be really happy.
-One day, Ammi and Abbu and I will have a great day outdoors just like before. There will be tea and biscuits and a cool breeze and Abbu and Ammi will talk about old times and people which I have never met. It will be peaceful and the world will be alright.
-One day, my Lala and I would spill everything that happened with me here in Canada and all that happened with her in Karachi while we were apart. We’d sit in a Lehaf and pry open chilgoza and peanuts and munch on them and condemn half the people we’ve met. I’d tell her about all the people I hate and the mental problems they suffer from. She’d laugh and tell me stories from her own University days.
-One day, I’ll find myself working in a lab where I can be practically helping humanity in some way. Where colleagues would be nice and supportive and friendly, and work not so stressful, but exciting.
-One day, I’ll complete my doctorate as I wanted to. Maybe I’d be a better student then.
-One day, I’ll have enough poems to compile and publish into a book and people will like them, and quote from them when I’m gone.
-One day, my blog will have many regular visitors. And I’d be happy!

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