Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A poet for a moment or two

On Sahir Ludhianvi's Birthday, I would like to share my most favourite of his poem (rendered beautifully by Mukesh for the film "Kabhie Kabhie"). Sahir Ludhianvi is undoubtedly one of the greatest Urdu poets of the 20th Century, and sadly most people are not aware about the man who penned some of the best Hindi/Urdu film songs.

Here are the English translations of his lyrics:

I am a poet of a moment or two,
My story is a moment or two,
My existence is a moment or two,
My life is just a moment or two... 

So many have been before me,
Poets that came and went,
some left with a few sighs,
others left with melodies…
they too, were a story of a moment,
I too, shall be a passing tale,
I may not be here tomorrow,
But I am a part of your today.
I am a poet of a moment or two…

Tomorrow, there will be more
Who bloom with numerous songs
Better poets than me
Better listeners than you
Tomorrow, if someone thinks of me
Why would they think of me?
The busy world, for my sake,
Why would it bother?
I am but a poet, for a moment or two…
my life is just a moment or two...

(Main pal do pal ka shayar hoon- by Sahir, translation by: Hareem)

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