Sunday, May 30, 2010

Google Translate has Urdu!!

Finally Google translate has the option to translate from Urdu to English. I knew there was a group of gentlemen in Karachi who were working on an online free Urdu dictionary and also wanted to somehow add the Urdu option to Google as well. The dictionary isn't as good as those available in English, but still... something is better than nothing.
Here's a link to the dictionary:
Although I do wish I could correct some of the meanings/translations on this site, but I do not have an account with them. Now if only typing in Urdu was easier... =) InPage Urdu gives me a headache.

One couplet by Ahmad Faraz to end this note:
اب تک دلِ خوش فہم کو تجھ سے ھیں اُمیدیں
... یہ آخری شمعیں بھی بجھانے کے لیئے آ

Let's see what Google translate makes of this:
Happy heart by now you are the hopes of understanding,
It also put off for coming last smayn (?)
Hahaha.... I can simply say Google got owned by Faraz!
Here's my version:
"Still, this heart has some expectations from you,
come and put out these last few lamps of hope."

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