Wednesday, May 26, 2010

There are many reasons why I chose to start a blog. First of all, I’m one of those people who need to write things down all the time, not that I have a bad memory, but I get this deep satisfaction out of writing things out, as if they become more real…more credible when put down in ink. Maybe it has something to do with my old habit of reading…I enjoy reading anything from random wall graffiti to ingredients on a medicine bottle. And, when I run out of things to read, I write.

Coming to the contents, I am not so sure. There are two types of things I usually write: one- lists of things to do, grocery lists, school essays, letters, and other day to day activities (tomorrow’s weather forecast and which bus I’m taking for the commute) which are of course, uninteresting; and two: thoughts, ideas, poems, unfinished stories, complaints, reviews, and other pieces that don’t exactly fit in any category. I’m certain I’ll write blogs (I’d prefer to call them notes) from both the categories above; yes… this includes grocery lists. Some days, I can predict, I’ll write more than one note, while I’ll completely disappear for days sometimes.

My writing style is highly influenced by what I’m reading at the time. But overall, I’m exceptionally fond of commas, brackets (), and ellipses…

Also, I like to end my notes suddenly for no reason. No surprise: I have always maintained a disdain for the “Conclusion” part of any essay, because I feel there is no conclusion anywhere. It’s all going on and on…until suddenly it breaks and disappears. Now what exactly an “it” is, is beyond me. On this note, I end.

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