Thursday, May 27, 2010

The mysterious phoneline

Another post!!... I guess today I'm in the mood to write. I mean, I've seen some blogs talk about more than one topic in a single post, but I find it boring. Anyways, this post will document the mysterious event of the extra phoneline we had and never knew of it.
The story goes like this, our poor landline phone handset, after living a healthy happy and fulfilling four year life, finally breathed his/her/its last this past week. It was already wheezing since January and it made everyone on the other side sound extremely ill with a bad sore throat. After several trips to stores that sell phone sets (and each time forgetting exactly why I went there and buying a hammer/crockery/decorative lamp instead), we finally acquired a new imported Phone handset. Now since our old phonesets were replaced, and one of the wheezing phone hadn't died yet... I thought how about fixing it somewhere closer to the living room so I can watch tv in peace instead of running to attend our phone (our house is quite inconvenient due to limited phone jacks available). To my extreme delight, I found a phone jack much MUCH closer to the living room unexpectedly. Tucked in a corner next to our bookshelf, a broken dusty phone jack! I thought it wouldn't work since it was obviously very sick and its insides were hanging out like an ugly dissection...but the moment I connected our wheezing phone, I could hear the tone. Aah!! While I was celebrating my unexpected luck, and fast-forwarding mentally to the time I'd just lazily pick up the phone while watching tv (whenever any wretched marketing call disturbed my program) and yell into it without missing anything... my aunt reminded me to call on our number to double check if it was actually working. I called from my cellphone to our land number, and sure enough, both the other sets kept ringing. But this one didn't ring. My aunt dismissed the fact that the jack was working, but just then, as if it heard us...This new phone started to ring! With a weird alien number on its CID, and our other phones didn't ring with it. So, I'd discovered another phone line (connection) at our place! It was ofcourse, very pathetic that I didn't know what the number of this connection was... so it could be our secret "other" home phone that no one knew about. I mean, think about it... how incredible would that be! That phone kept ringing at awkward times, throughout the night, and we got really scared! In desperation, I thought... how about picking up this damn phone and asking whoever it is was calling us to tell us, please... what number have you dialed? And how did you know this number was now alive and connected? are you watching our house? or is this phone line haunted? For two days, we lived in constant fear of the haunted phone, it rang and rang all day long... and whenever we picked up the line would die. Finally, my aunt said it's ringing days were over... so I disconnected the line. The phone jack flicked out one more wire as if to bite me (or electrocute me) but I yanked out the phone and pushed our bookshelf over it to cover that spooky phone jack. The rescued (possessed) phone set died later that day... and was laid to rest in our recycle bin with its previously deceased twin to be thrown out later. The end.

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