Saturday, May 29, 2010

Headline by headline

Today I was really upset about the news from back home, 80 people dead just because some fringe extremist group thought they would blow themselves up and go to heaven for cleansing the "Land of Pure" from infidels. It is terrible to see the country destroy itself slowly, headline by headline. There are some sane voices but they are few and far between, and their voices fall upon deaf ears. Our nation lives in this constant state of schizophrenic existence. No one realizes how far we have come from what we were supposed to be. Instead of a progressive nation firmly bound by it's founder's words ("Unity, Discipline and Faith"- our motto; and 'you are free... free to go to your mosques, temples and churches, for that has nothing to do with the business of the state"), we are today the exact opposite. Sadly, what the country stands for today is : Sectarianism, Chaos, and Hypocrisy. And we are not free. What is more upsetting is the sheer number of people who think this is the way things are, always were and should be.
There was public outcry last week, condemning the Facebook page with blasphemous content, people chose to take to the streets to shout and pelt stones at shops, offices and the press club. Some burnt flags and motorbikes at street corners, while the government banned many internet sites as a response. It is great to see this much unity and emotional response from the public, but where is the response where it is most needed? Who will take to the streets and condemn the Lahore blasts? Who will shout slogans and force the government to help the poor people who have lost their homes/lives in the Attabad lake disaster? Who will demonstrate and condemn the hundreds of karo-kari incidents that occur annually, and the jirga system injustices? Why don't our God-fearing and self-righteous fellow citizens (who make Facebook pages condemning the Blasphemous page and urge everybody day and night tirelessly to join) make a page condemning corruption, poverty, lawlessness, and hunger in our country? Are these problems less important? Are these lives less important?

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  1. Such powerful truth is rarely exposed as it is in this .

    The idea that we are living in a schizophrenic existence , and the most outspoken guard the reality of this with every distraction , and every lie , even the most imaginative could not conceive .

    The truth is so well hidden that most believe all is as it should be , always was , and must always be , never questioned and never threatened .

    Absolutely marvelous defiance of authority and government oppression .

    We are in the middle of a very large insane asylum populace , This was foreseen by the founders as we were told a well informed population is necessary for democracy to survive . No mention of a large insanity explosion being our salvation .

    The witch hunts will grow and consume us as history repeats .

    The blind leading the insane , and the insane leading the blind . How wonderful it is .

    This is what we have become .

    Thanks for putting the thoughts of my nightmares in type .

    I dare not be more specific , fear of being branded another evil , thrown in prison for any sign of thought .

    Thanks for telling me , this is a glimmer of truth and honesty I thought long dead in my country and in our new vocabulary .